The title signifies a fruit that despite its magnanimous size goes invisibilised. Not to mention how a pomelo is often depicted by popular media for a vulva. In the 21st century, female reproductive organs are still not normalized. As if all that were female were to be hushed by replacing them with citrus fruits.

In wake of an era where we choose to hold weapons that psychologically disillusioned us for centuries and turn it against the very society that senselessly immobilized us, we create our own era by writing back. The 21st century woman holds her pen wearing a thick skin. It is her gauntlet that she arms herself with.

Through The Pomelo we wish to celebrate the marginalised voices that often go silenced in the face of the oppressor. We believe in the courage of individual voices, minority voices and voices that waver when they finally break open. This is your journal, dear reader. A journal that you share with us; a journal we revere for all that is expressed and shone a light on. Or perhaps you may wish to compose sweet lyrics for summer mornings whilst biting into your juicy mango and we shall welcome you to write for us all the same.

Here, we have space for persons whose existence is measured in extra sensitive nerve endings and for all brutally honest truth-tellers who always happen to not have that time. It is time, however, that you come out and write in the fullest expression of yourself. We shall stand eternally grateful to our foremothers for their contribution but it is time that we branch out of them to birth ourselves.